Upcoming Events for Conferences http://njf.nu/seminars/ Legumes from field to fork – a Nordic-Baltic perspective on production, development and marketing of legumes http://njf.nu/seminars/ny-calendar-event-12/?date=2017-11-28 <p><img width="600" height="433" title="" class="leftAlone" style="width: 239px; height: 163px;" alt="Legume logo" src="http://njf.nu/assets/Uploads/_resampled/ResizedImage600433-Legume-logo.jpg"></p> <p> <br>It is with great pleasure we announce the NJF conference, Legumes from field to fork – a Nordic-Baltic perspective on production, development and marketing of legumes, to be held in Tartu, Estonia on the 28<sup>th</sup> to 30<sup>th</sup> of November, 2017.</p> <p>The Conference aims to gather experts in the multidisciplinary field of legume research in the Nordic-Baltic region and is dedicated to provide a forum for a discussion on the following topics:</p> <p>* legume production<br>* new food and feed based on legumes<br>* environmental impact of legumes in agriculture and food production<br>* marketing of legumes</p> <p>Participants will have the opportunity to present short talks and posters on their work and discuss their research in a relaxed, multidisciplinary and scientific environment. We also offer key-note lectures by internationally recognized scientists (presented at the conference website) working in areas connected to the conference topics.</p> <p>We especially invite food industry to participate. Many of the scientific participants are involved in applied projects such as EIP or EU-project where it is crucial with deliverables to food and feed industry. It will thus be a good opportunity to connect industry with scientist.</p> <p>We will be delighted to see you in Tartu in November 2017!</p> <p>The NJF conference in Estonia is a part of the EUROLEGUME FP7 project ending in 2017.</p> <p><em>On behalf of the Scientific Committee,</em></p> <p><em>Margit Olle, Estonia   </em><em>Fredrik Fogelberg, Sweden   </em><em>Ingunn Vaagen, Norway</em></p> <p>Please send any questions to <a href="mailto:Fredrik.Fogelberg@ri.se">Fredrik.Fogelberg@ri.se</a>. <br>Swedish participants can telephone 010-516 69 08 and receive oral information in Swedish.</p> <p><a href="http://njf.nu/assets/499/Program-NJF-Conference-499-Legumes.pdf" target="_blank">Download Programme</a></p> Tue, 25 Apr 2017 07:57:54 +0200 http://njf.nu/seminars/ny-calendar-event-12/?date=2017-11-28 The NJF 100 year Jubilee Conference: Agriculture for the next 100 years http://njf.nu/seminars/ny-calendar-event-13/?date=2018-06-27 <p><strong>More information upcoming!</strong></p> Fri, 10 Nov 2017 13:40:00 +0100 http://njf.nu/seminars/ny-calendar-event-13/?date=2018-06-27