Legumes from field to fork – a Nordic-Baltic perspective on production, development and marketing of legumes

Nov. 28 - 30, 2017 in Tartu, Estonia

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It is with great pleasure we announce the NJF conference, Legumes from field to fork – a Nordic-Baltic perspective on production, development and marketing of legumes, to be held in Tartu, Estonia on the 28th to 30th of November, 2017.

The Conference aims to gather experts in the multidisciplinary field of legume research in the Nordic-Baltic region and is dedicated to provide a forum for a discussion on the following topics:

* legume production
* new food and feed based on legumes
* environmental impact of legumes in agriculture and food production
* marketing of legumes

Participants will have the opportunity to present short talks and posters on their work and discuss their research in a relaxed, multidisciplinary and scientific environment. We also offer key-note lectures by internationally recognized scientists (presented at the conference website) working in areas connected to the conference topics.

We especially invite food industry to participate. Many of the scientific participants are involved in applied projects such as EIP or EU-project where it is crucial with deliverables to food and feed industry. It will thus be a good opportunity to connect industry with scientist.

We will be delighted to see you in Tartu in November 2017!

The NJF conference in Estonia is a part of the EUROLEGUME FP7 project ending in 2017.

On behalf of the Scientific Committee,

Margit Olle, Estonia   Fredrik Fogelberg, Sweden   Ingunn Vaagen, Norway

Please send any questions to Fredrik.Fogelberg@ri.se.
Swedish participants can telephone 010-516 69 08 and receive oral information in Swedish.

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Tuesday November 28th


Opening chair: Liga Lepse, Institute of Horticulture, Latvia

12.00 Lunch (included in the participation fee)

13.00 Opening address by: NJF President Fredrik Fogelberg

Vice-chancellor of Ministry of Agriculture of Estonia Toomas Kevvai

Practical information by conference committee

Session chair: Christiane Balko, JKI, Germany

13.20 Keynote presentation by Fred Stoddard, Helsinki University, Finland

14.00 Optimization of faba bean sowing rate in conventional cropping system under baltic agro-climatic conditions. Lepse, L.et al.,Pūre Horticultural Research Centre (PHRC), Latvia.

14.25 Nutritive value of peas and field beans for ruminants. Egil Prestløkken, NMBU, Norway

14.50 Coffee break

Session chair: Fred Stoddard, Helsinki University, Finland

15.25 Tips for organic cultivation of field peas, Margit Olle, ECRI, Estonia

15.50 Latvian local grey pea genetic resources as new source for breeding, for food and feed.Arta Kronberga, Latvia University of Agriculture, Latvia.

16.15 Diversity of pea (Pisum sativum) genetic resources in field evaluations. Ingunn Vågen, NIBIO, Norway

16.40 Videos developed in the EU-project EUROLEGUME. Margit Olle, ECRI, Estonia

17.05 – 17.30 Discussion and remarks of the first day

20.00-22.00 Welcome reception at Nature House together with guided tour


Wednesday November 29th

Session chair: Fredrik Fogelberg

08.30                 Keynote presentation by Christiane Balko, JKI, Germany.

09.10                 Presentation,  Anna Mårtensson, SLU, Sweden.

09.35                The effect of effective microrganisms on the germination, yield and some quality parameters of soybean, Margit Olle, ECRI, Estonia.

10.00                 Coffee break

Session chair: Arta Kronberga

10.25                 Impact of faba bean cultivation on soil microbiological activity, Laila Dubova, LLU, Latvia.

10.50                 Soybean cultivation abilities in Lithuania in response of various agro-technical measures. Monika Toleikienė et al., Lithuanian Center for Agriculture and Forestry, Institute of Agriculture, Lithuania.

11.15                 Pea productivity and their ecological services for subsequent crops in organic farming. Žydrė Kadžiulienė et al., Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry, Lithuania.

11.40                 Results of vegetable soybean (edamame) variety evaluation. Solvita Zeipiņa et al., Latvia University of Agriculture, Latvia

12.05                 Lunch and poster presentations


Germination and growth of primary roots of inoculated faba bean (Vicia faba) seeds under different temperatures.  Alise Senberga et al., Latvia.

Innovative and Sustainable Exploitation of Plant Proteins in Future Foods. Anne Kjersti Uhlen & Erik Svanes, Norway.

The yield and quality of field pea in organic and conventional crop management from 2008-2016. Ivo Voor et al., Estonia.

Strawberry development in strawberry – legume intercropping system. Sandra Dane et al., Latvia.

Is the inoculation of field beans in Latvian agroclimatic conditions suffiently effective? Ina Alsina et al., Latvia.

Rhizobacteria inoculation for faba bea, Lupinus luteus and Lupinus angustifolius. Hanna Kekkonen, Finland.

Comparison of pea (Pisum sativum) varieties in organic farming. Aina Kokare et al., Latvia.

One Swedish farmer’s practical experience of toasted faba beans in the diet for finishing pigs. Lotten Wahlund, Sweden

The effect of sowing rate and variety on protein yield of field peas. Margit Olle,  Estonia

Faba beans for fresh harvest – some results from Swedish trials. Tomas Johansson,   Sweden.

Different responses to solar ultraviolet (UV) and blue radiation in two accessions of Vicia faba. Yan yan, University of Helsinki, Finland.

The EUROLEGUME project activities poster

Enhancing of legumes growing through sustainable cropping for protein supply for food and feed, project EUROLEGUME, WP2.

Inoculants for productive and healthier crops, project EUROLEGUME, WP3.

Legume breeding and management for sustainable agriculture as well as protein supply for food and feed, project EUROLEGUME, WP4.

Sustainability and nutritional quality, project EUROLEGUME, WP5.

14.00                 Departure to Annikoru Cereal Centre. Owner – Madis Ajaots – farmer of the year 2017   in Estonia

18.00                 Arrival in Tartu after excursion

20.00-00.00   Conference dinner at History Museum in University of Tartu

Thursday November 30th

Session chair: Ingunn Vågen, NIBIO, Norway

09.30 Keynote presentation by Konstantinos Petrotos,


10.10 Vegetarian cheeses from faba beans. Fredrik Fogelberget al, RISE, Sweden.

10.35 Development of a plant-based alternative to meat based on grey peas using culinary success factors in sensory analysis with factorial design, workshop with professional chef and market consumer surveys.Magnus Westling, University of Örebro, Sweden.

11.00 Coffee break

Session chair: Konstantinos Petrotos

11.30 Pulse spreads as an alternative to traditional pâtés. Asnate Kirse, Latvia University of Agriculture, Faculty of Food Technology, Latvia.

11.55 How to make yoghurt from faba beans (Vicia faba) . Johanna Östlund. RISE, Sweden.

12.20 Nutritional value of extruded legume snacks and bars. Liene Strauta et al.,Latvia University of Agriculture, Jelgava, Latvia

Session chairs: Fredrik Fogelberg and Margit Olle

12.45 Discussion, concluding remarks and closing the conference

13.10 Lunch and departure


Practical info

The conference is held in Tartu, Estonia starting on Tuesday November 28th at 13.00 (local time) with an opening address. There will be a conference activity and informal dinner in the evening of Tuesday 28th.

On Wednesday November 29th the conference will continue with oral as well as poster presentations. Conference excursion followed by dinner in the evening. On Thursday November 30th we continue with oral presentations and posters. The conference ends at lunchtime (approx. 1300).

Participation fee and deadlines

NON-NJF member: 350 EURO

NJF-member: 300 EURO

Late registration from November 16th until November 25th : 500 EURO

At registration from October 1st until November 15th all fees are increased by 60 EURO.

Participant in the EUROLEGUME-project (person identified as participant by the coordinator): 300 EURO

Student on MSc- or PhD-level: 200 EURO. Letter validating studies must be presented upon request.

The above-mentioned participations fees are valid for registration until September 30th 2017.

Hotels and transportation

The participant book travels and hotel. The organizers can suggest suitable hotels upon request. Hotels and travels are not included in the participation fee.


Please send any questions to Fredrik.Fogelberg@ri.se. Swedish participants can telephone 010-516 69 08 and receive oral information in Swedish.


Important dates


The conference will make a proceeding with the presentations. Each presentation (abstract) will be 1 A4 page and available at the conference. The proceeding will also be a publication in the NJF publication series available on the NJF website.

The organizing committee will review the submitted abstracts and when needed ask for a revised version before the conference.

The deadline for the abstract (first version) is July 15th 2017. Abstracts should be maximum 1 page A4 and sent to: Fredrik.Fogelberg@ri.se

When you send the abstracts, please indicate if you prefer an oral or poster presentation.

The organizing committee will select your abstract for either oral or poster presentation and inform you about this about one month before the conference. Poster size maximum 100 x 100 cm.