Responsibility area

To increase knowledge needed for the development of Nordic domestic animal production through joint efforts, and to develop biological and economical animal production systems in balance with the environment and that fulfil public expectations. Producers and users of this knowledge, as passive or active receivers or contributors are found at all points along the food chain. This food chain runs from producers via processing industry and dealers to consumers in cooperation with international networks.

Among the important arguments for strengthening domestic animal production in the Nordic countries are securing the supply of safe and high quality food, minimising imported nutrients, and maintaining a sustainable rural economy. In addition, companion animals, equines and fur animals are included, as these represent important fields of animal production.

The main research fields are livestock systems, environmental issues, breeding, genetics and biotechnology, animal nutrition and feeding, feed evaluation and quality, animal health and welfare, equine science, and fur animal and companion animal science.

The focus of our conferences is to gain and share knowledge, experiences and best practices in these issues. Conferences provide an excellent opportunity to build up new networks and enhance collaboration between researchers, rural extension and education specialists, and other interested stakeholders.


Liga Paura
Latvia University of Agriculture, Department of Control Systems,
Liela str.2, Jelgava, Latvia, LV-3001.
Phone: +371 63005707


Ragnar Leming
Estonian University of Life Sciences, Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences, Department of Animal Nutrition,
Kreutzwaldi 62, Tartu, Estonia
Phone: +372 7313 444

Members of Section Board

Pekka Uimari
University of Helsinki, Department of Agricultural Sciences
Koetilantie 5, FI-00014 University of Helsinki
Phone: +358 2941 59510, +358 504160426

Katarina Arvidsson Segerkvist
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Animal Environment and Health
Box 234, SE-532 23 Skara, Sweden
Phone: +46 511 671 44

Gudmundur Jóhannesson
The Icelandic Agricultural Advisory Centre,
Austurvegur 1, 800 Selfoss, Iceland
Phone: +354 516 5019

Ole Kristensen
Østergade 4. 8660 Skanderborg, Denmark
Phone: +45 21717784

Fur animal delegate

Tor Mikael Lassen
Kopenhagen Fur,
Lassén Feed Consult
Øster Hornumvej 14, Øster Hornum
DK-9530 Støvring, Danmark
Phone: +45 9826 9083/+45 4025 3059

Working groups

  • Maize silage

    Chair: Elisabet Nadeau
    Department of Animal Environment and Health, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), 
    P.O. Box 234, SE-532 23 Skara, Sweden
    Phone: +46 511 67 142
    Fax: +46 511 67 204