NJF Report
Periodic publication, ISSN 1653-2015. Contains the result from some of the seminars arranged by NJF. 

Newsletter sent by E-mail to NJF members about four times a year.

Annual Report and Outlook
Yearly publication.




Sem 490 Nordic Agrifood Expertise for Development - Presentations


Proceedings from the 25th NJF Congress in Riga 2015
Sem 481 Ergonomics, Risk Factors and safety in agriculture
Sem 483 Soil degradation: Theory, Evidence and Protection activities
Sem 484 Biodiversity Based Integrated Pest Management in Field Crops


Annual Report 2014 ISSN 1653-0063
NJF Report vol 10 no 1 (Sem 471) Recent advances in IWM of perennial and annual weeds
NJF Report vol 10 no 9 (Sem 478) Nordic-Baltic Fusarium seminar
NJF Report vol 10 no 10 (Sem 477) Future arable farming and agricultural engineering