Integrated crop protection (IPM) in Nordic and Baltic berry crops

NJF Seminar 493 took place in Riga, Latvia 30-31 January 2017.

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The seminar was a meeting for scientists, advisors, students and others interested in the current and future plant protection practices and challenges in North-European berry crops.

In total 37 people from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and United Kingdom participated in this seminar. The seminar program included 3 keynote lectures, 19 other oral presentations, 7 poster presentations and group work/discussion (How to monitor and manage D. suzukii in the Northern zone). Keynote lectures were Sanja Manduric “Experiences with Drosophila suzukii and other current issues in Swedish berry production”, Jørgen Eilenberg “Microbiological control in strawberries: results from IMBICONT bilateral collaboration between Brazil and Denmark” and Stuart MacFarlane “Soft fruit viruses spread by mites and insects”.

Oral presentations were divided in four sections:

1) Drosophila suzukii and other new pests in the northern zone (session leaders: Nina Trandem, Lene Sigsgaard),

2) Managing plant diseases without promoting fungicide resistance(session leaders: Päivi Parikka, Julija Vilcane),

3) IPM and plant protection in Latvian berry production (session leaders: Baiba Ralle, Anne Lemmetty),

4) Towards a system approach – interactions between organisms (session part one leaders: Birgitta Svensson, Nauja Lisa Jensen; session part two leaders: Dag-Ragnar Blystad, Sanja Manduric; session part three leaders: Helle Mathiasen, Arne Stensvand).

The seminar was organised by:

Liga Feodorova – Fedotova, Latvian Plant Protection Research Centre, Latvia;

Baiba Ralle, private (previously Latvian Plant Protection Research Centre), Latvia;

Biruta Bankina, Latvia University of Agriculture, Latvia;

Nina Trandem, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, Norway (working group leader);

Päivi Parikka, Natural Resources Institute Finland

Lene Sigsgaard, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Birgitta Svensson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden