Organics for tomorrows food systems. NJF 4th Organic conference

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The first meeting of the Scientific Committee took place on the 16th and 17th of February in 2016, in Mikkeli, Finland. It was a result from the previous discussions initiated by Professor Pirjo Siiskonen.

During the first discussions transdisciplinarity was considered important and four different tracks were established to cover different areas of organic research: Track 1:Tuning up sustainable organic production, Track 2:Organic food, human health and wellbeing, Track 3: Organics in our society, Track 4: Organics – the next step. From the very startt was agreed that the scientific research is needed in all these four areas in order to develop organics and to bring scientific evidence for consumers and other stakeholders. Interaction under the topics of the tracks was found important for future development.

The aim of the conference was established to share and discuss recent research outcomes within organic food and farming and its societal interactions. Dialogue and cooperation between stakeholders was regarded necessary for implementation of the research.

How did we manage to realize the aim ?

The conference gathered around 80 participants. In addition to four keynote papers and presentations 45 different abstracts were received, which lead to 38 oral presentations, 9 posters and 8 additional posters. Seven different country posters from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and Norway were presented as well. Generally the received abstracts covered the different tracks and their descriptions well.
Track 1:Tuning up sustainable organic production was the most popular with 19 abstracts. In track 2: Organic food, human health and wellbeing there are 9 abstracts, for track 3: Organics in our societies 10 abstracts were obtained, and in track 4: Organics – the next step there were 7 abstracts.  In the scientific program the tracks were further divided to different sessions according to their contents.

The four high level keynote speakers gave unforgettable contribution to the conference: Professors John P. Reganold, Lotta Rydhmer, Carola Strassner and Gerold Rahmann.

We all learned from each other and from the research work that has been or will be carried out.