Nordisk byggetræf 2015

Time: 9-11 september 2015
Place: Hveragerdi and Reykjavik, Iceland

Every second year many of the designers, advisors and researchers of the Nordic countries within agricultural buildings meet for a 3-4 day seminar to address new topics of the subject. This seminar is called Nordisk byggetræf, The Nordic Buildings Meeting, and the main goal for this meeting is to expand the knowledge and to communicate the newest know how within agricultural buildings. This seminar moves between the Nordic countries every time and this time it was Iceland’s turn. Because the seminar is held within the Nordic countries and the target group is people from there, the official language used at seminar is Scandinavian language.

Nordisk byggetræf 2015 was the ninth seminar of its kind and held in Iceland for the second time, but the last time the seminar was held in Iceland was in 2005. The seminar started with an opening speech by Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson, agricultural minister of Iceland and then the three day seminar started startet. The seminar was build up with oral presentation the first part of the day and then a field visits the second part of the day. All together there where 26 oral presentations, 8 farm & company visits plus 3 visits to famous Icelandic nature attractions: Geysir, Gullfoss and Seljalandsfoss.

All together there were 64 participants at this seminar: 12 from Denmark, 3 from Finland, 24 from Norway, 12 from Sweden, 2 from the Faroe Iceland’s and 11 from Iceland.

The seminar was arranged in collaboration between the Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists (NJF) and Nordisk Byggetræf with support from the companies Landstólpi ehf (www.landstolpi.is), Ráðgjafarmiðstöð landbúnaðarins (www.rml.is) and Jötunn ehf (www.jotunn.is).

Organizing committee: Snorri Sigurðsson, chairman (sns@seges.dk), Unnur Salome Árnadóttir (unnur.arnadottir@strandunikorn.no), Unnsteinn Snorri Snorrason (unsnsn@gmail.com), Sigtryggur Veigar Herbertsson (sigtryggur@jotunn.is) og Ragnar Finnur Sigurðsson (litlaarmot@gmail.com)

The program was as follows:

10th of September 2015

  • Opening of the seminar. Snorri Sigurdsson
  • Welcoming speech by agricultural minister. Sigurdur Ingi Johannesson
  • Status reports from all Nordic countries. Snorri Sigurdsson (IS), Per Olav Skjøldberg (NO), Robert Pedersen (DK), Therese Ljungberg (SE) and Tapani Kivinen (FI)
  • Recommendations for housing of dairy and beef cattle published by CIGR Cattle Group. Michael Ventorp
  • Design of the welfare area / VIP in today's barn. Anja Juul Freudendal
  • Changes in the design of cattle barns in Iceland in recent years. Arnar Bjarni Eiriksson
  • Tube Ventilation calf hutches. Tapani Kivinen
  • Reducing ammonia and odor emission with two different technologies on a pilot farm. Maarit Hell Ballenstedt
  • Excursion to the farm Stóru-Reykir which has new barn for sheep and is building barn for dairy cows. Then a visit to Geysir and Gullfoss and ending with a farm& company visit and dining at Landstólpi ehf. (the farm Gunnbjarnarholt). The company both produces farm equipment but also imports many different things for farms. Furthermore at the farm there are over 100 milking cows.

11th of September 2015

  • AMS within the Nordic countries, Snorri Sigurdsson
  • Out with mattresses - in with deep cubicles, Inger Dalgaard
  • Modern barns for beef production in Norway, Knut Erik Ree
  • Stables for beef cows, Unnur Salome Árnadóttir
  • Rånäs farm - to build modern stable in a rural environment, Erik Fagerberg
  • Use of fiber in cubicle stables, Anne Holm Marcher & Morten Lindgaard Jensen
  • Building stable in solid wood with under pressure in the cellar, Jørgen Wiik
  • Excursion to the farm Móeiðarhvoll that has a new barn with 2 milking robots and from there to the famous waterfall Seljalandsfoss. Next stop was the farm Þorvaldseyri where there is a milking robot in a rebuilt tie shed. At the farm there is also a museum for the volcano eruptions in Eyjafjallajokull. The last stop and eatery was at the company Jötunn in the town of Selfoss, but company sells tractors and many other items to farmers. The excursion ended in Reykjavik, but the last day of the seminar was planned there.

12th of September 2015

  • Construction costs on the basis of the economic analysis within EDF (European Dairy Farmers), Rebecka Asplund
  • Riding hall climate – how is it and do we need to do something about it? Michael Ventorp
  • Horse barns in Iceland and the use of geothermal energy, Sigtryggur Veigar Herbertsson
  • Damage to horses caused by the decor, Michael Ventorp
  • The design of sheep barns in Norway, Per Olav Skjølberg
  • Icelandic sheep barns in 2015, Unnsteinn Snorri Snorrason
  • Construction costs for beef and sheep - a comparison between Sweden, Ireland and Germany, Cecilia Hagberg
  • Comprehensive and independent consulting. Dynamic strategy. Gudbrand Teigen and Per Olav Skjølberg
  • Excursion to the company Lifland that produces feed concentrates for production animals and also imports and sells horse equipment. Afterwards the participants visited 2 horse stables and one riding hall within the Reykjavik area.