Economics of animal health and welfare

Time: 2-3 October, 2014
Place: Hämeenlinna, Finland

This seminar on the economics of animal health and welfare focused on heterogeneity, emerging issues and incentives for change. It was held on 2-3 October 2014 in Hämeenlinna, Finland, at the Aulanko Spa hotel, which is set in a beautiful historic location by a lake and a nature park.

The seminar attracted 47 participants from 11 different countries. The first day of the seminar was devoted mainly to presentations focusing on animal welfare, whereas the second day mainly focused on animal health issues. There were three keynote presentations: Brian Perry, visiting professor at the University of Oxford, UK, and Honorary Professor at the University of Edinburgh, UK, and the University of Pretoria, South Africa, gave a keynote talk on sustainable global livestock production, drivers of economics decisions and incentives for change. The talk provided interesting insights into factors which influence the development of the livestock sector in developing and developed countries.

Dr. Mara Miele from Cardiff University, UK, gave a keynote talk on consumers' understandings of animal welfare and effects on food practices. She explored how these understandings have promoted a variety of interventions both at regulatory level and a series of bottom-up, market initiatives, characterised by a strong involvement of NGOs. Research Director Mogens Lund from the Norwegian Agricultural Economics Research Institute gave a keynote talk on the role of policies in providing animal health and welfare. He elaborated on the importance of market-driven solutions and policies in promoting animal health and welfare.

In addition to the keynote talks, a number of interesting oral and poster presentations were contributed by the participants. Seminar presentations and the book of abstracts are available at Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l0xaltwhwa12e83/AADzdoM0INdD9Fi5XqAZ3IF9a?dl=0

Organising committee

  • Jarkko Niemi, MTT Agrifood Research, Finland (seminar secretary)
  • Jaakko Heikkilä, MTT Agrifood Research, Finland
  • Björn Forkman, University of Copenhagen
  • Sören Höjgård, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Katri Karkinen, Finland
  • Karl M. Rich, Norwegian Veterinary School.